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Decentralised Financial Data for LLMs


Invest better by leveraging data catalogs for companies, blockchain projects, assets, or entire industries.

We provide financial businesses with the best data catalogs to build better AI models. Training your large language models on company specific data is now possible with the click of a button.


Decentralised Data Collection


How do we get our data? 

We collect and catalog investment data through a number of traditional methods. Partnerships with exclusive financial APIs, sentiment analysis scripts and newsfeeds.

But we also utilise decentralised means of collection.


What is decentralised data collection?

Our community of data collectors and catalogers are incentivised to build and augment the highest quality data catalogs. They all share in the revenue that their data produces.


Why is this an advantage?

LLMs are only as good as the data they're trained on. Revenue sharing incentivises higher quality data - far exceeding the standards of our centralised competitors.

The platform so far


Asset Classes


Stock Markets




Data points

Our backers

We believe that data quality differentiates LLM capabilities, and the companies who have invested in us support this vision.

We're backed by some of Australia's largest companies, most reputable VCs and consulting firms.



Verified Data

Our catalogs are filled with live data from verified sources, ensuring that your LLM won't hallucinate

Custom LLMs

Catalogs designed specifically for your business and investment needs.

All accessible through our web app (coming soon).

Decentralised Collection

Enjoy an advantage over competitors relying on publicly available datasets.

Our community of collectors ensures your data supremacy.

Find investments that match your criteria

Our platform allows you to filter and search your catalogs with ease.


Connor Lane

Co-founder, CEO

Hannah Pham

Co-founder, Community