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Collective Investment Intelligence


Arbela is a collaborative investment research platform. Our community find the most interesting Web3 companies that are raising money, and connect them with investors.

Our analysts find projects and build financial reports together. Investors gain access to these reports and are able to cut through the noise of the market.

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How it works


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Want to get paid to build reports?

Reach out using the form below, then sign up to our web application (currently in beta) using the above sign up button. You'll find report-writing bounties that can be claimed.


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Let us know using the form below. If you have a fund, we'd love to speak with you and add you to our VC network. You'll get access to all of the analysis and raise information for companies we report on.

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Our investors

We believe that investment communities will come to dominate millennial investment management, and the companies who have invested in us support this vision.

We're backed by some of Australia's largest companies, most reputable VCs and consulting firms.

Why us

Most investment research is centralised. Our model incentivises a community of analysts to find and assess deals.

Our community is in the trenches. Their friends are starting companies and they are connected to the latest trends in the space.

By decentralising the research process, we have access to the best deals before they finish their round.


Earn Money

Put your financial skills to use, earn money in exchange for providing your knowledge of blockchain investments.

Regular Reports

We can produce one high-quality report every week on an upcoming blockchain project.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our community and our ability to facilitate connections. This includes amongst analysts, projects, and investors.

Quality Deal-Flow

We analyse companies before presenting them to our VC network.

This saves time and allows you to directly find promising companies that are raising capital


Connor Lane

Co-founder, CEO

Hannah Pham

Co-founder, Community


Connor Lane

Co-founder, CEO

Hannah Pham

Co-founder, COO

Have questions?

What pricing model does Arbela use?

We take a 2% fee of any investments into a project thanks to our reports.

Is Arbela a fund? 

Not currently. We have plans in the future to implement syndication abilities for our members, but currently we are focusing on our community intelligence reports.

Is this community only for web3? 

We are currently focusing on early-stage, Blockchain investments. As we grow, we will assess interest in other asset classes for their involvement.

Where can I learn more?

If you're a VC, budding analyst, or just want to learn more - we highly recommend you get in touch below.