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Collective Investment Intelligence


Arbela is an international, invitation-only, collaborative investment platform. Access curated deal-flow, a network of skilled investors, and the latest in licensed financial content.

Aspiring investors build financial reports together as a community. Professional investors gain access to these reports, and the best start ups that we find.

Early access

How it works


Access by invitation only

Make an application through the EARLY ACCESS link or receive an invite from a current member to connect to the platform.


Discover curated investments

Find, create and discuss investment content and analysis with other members. Our current focus is on Web3 and early stage companies.


Get paid to contribute your thoughts

Users receive payment for providing investment intelligence. This allows users to contribute their financial skills (in any asset class) in exchange for bounties placed by investors.

We're close to launching


Weeks Until Launch


Venture Capital Firms


Curated Deals


Community Members

Our investors

We believe that investment communities will come to dominate millennial wealth management, and the companies who have invested in us support this vision.

We're backed by some of Australia's largest companies, most reputable VCs and consulting firms.

Why us

There are lot of investment communities out there, most exist on forums and general discussion boards - so why choose us?


Earn Money

Put your financial skills to use,  earn money in exchange for providing your knowledge of markets.

Either build reports solo or split the work amongst a team.

Purpose Built Web App

Investment communities congregating on general discussion boards frequently miss information. Our Web App is designed specifically for investment discussion.


Our community is selective and we rely heavily on our members to refer other users. This enables us to ensure that each member has value to provide the community.

Quality Deal-Flow

We admit members partially on their ability to source deals, and we incentivise members to propose investments for discussion. The result is highly curated deal-flow


Connor Lane

Co-founder, CEO

Hannah Pham

Co-founder, Community


Connor Lane

Co-founder, CEO

Hannah Pham

Co-founder, COO

Have questions?

What pricing model does Arbela use?

We charge a monthly subscription fee. If you apply before launch, you will get your first three months free.

Is Arbela a fund? 

Not currently. We have plans in the future to implement syndication abilities for our members, but currently we are focusing on our community.

Is this community only for web3? 

We do use a Web3 incentives system but we build reports for all kinds of financial topics from stocks to blockchain start-ups and macro-economic conditions here.

Where can I learn more?

We highly recommend that you join our Discord, a link can be found below. In the Arbela Discord, you can engage with our community for free and meet the team